Top 10 Car Loan Companies In Nigeria

 This is actually the list of Top 10 car loan companies in Nigeria.

If you've been wondering to access a loan to have a car in Nigeria you will be at the right place.

Having a car not only eases your mobility but also reduces the stress it takes to utilize a public vehicle.

Irrespective of your educational background, the financial status you'll have a car.

An auto loan will help facilitate particles you getting a car.

Note: Before buying a car, get acquainted with the factors involved, it isn't easy getting a car this is the reason you will need a financial institution to help you in your journey of car purchase.

A large ton of financial institutions in Nigeria that exist car loans from.

A few of these institutions can either pay half or the full costs of the car.

Let us discuss among the better car loans companies in Nigeria.

The top 10 Car Loan Companies In Nigeria are:

1. Fcmb Auto loan:

The Fcmb consumer Auto loan is a credit scheme allowing individuals who are qualified to finances that will enable them the acquisition of their car.

This scheme allows the customer to own a car, and pay in installments over a specific period.

You can apply for this loan in any Fcmb bank branch or it's possible on their loan portal.

The Fcmb loan is in two categories namely:

I. Standard Auto Loan:

The standard auto loan is for those working for the government, or those that owned a business bringing in steady income. You can access up to #30 million, and you're meant to repay the loan within 12 to 60 months.

ii.Fcmb Auto loan alliance: 

Gives mortgage loan of 20% per year, and the amount to be collected is #30 million.

2. Beta Car Financing:

Is a loan scheme that makes available funds to business owners and people working to help them to purchase cars.

The payment is usually to be made in 12 to 14 months

Additionally, After submitting your application , your car will then come pick up per week, assuming your application is approved.


Is a loan scheme that makes available funds to business owners and people working to help them to purchase cars.

You can get an auto loan within 72 hours.

The payment is usually to be made in 12 months with a 2.5% monthly interests.

This losn is for business owners and salary earners.

4. Creditville:

Cedarville is a digital lender that provides you a quick loan for buying a car.

Furthermore, to access this loan, visit their website, fill and submit the application form for the auto lease. An agent could contact you if your application is successful.

5. Access Bank car loan

Access bank car loan makes it very convenient for their customers to acquire a new car. You can get the loan if you're an salary  small-medium enterprises, cooperate bodies and it takes 48 months. The requirements necessary to obtain this loan can be gotten at any of their branches.

6. GTB:

You are entitled to access the loan when you have an account with them. For individuals, the minimum amount you can aquire is #20,000 and #1million maximum. And for cooperating organizations and small-medium businesses, it is # 5 million.

7. First bank

The first bank loan is available working class people that earn monthly.

For registered businesses, they offer partial funding for buying brand new cars.

These people have a tenor of 48 months. The maxim amount is #15 million.

8. Auto checki Financing:

They not only provide car loans, they also sell cars too. Checki is a renowned company operating in Nigeria. And are built to meet the financial needs of those that want to purchase a car in Nigeria.

9. UBA auto loan

They make it easier to get your dream car, even if it's to upgrade or getting a new car. You can get this loan at any of their branches.

10. Standbic IBTC Bank

Standbic its bank has a structured loan repayment plan. It is quite convenient and also affordable.

Their payment tenor is 4 years. This loan is available for both new and old customers.

Go to any of their branches and apply.

Having a car is a necessity, most in case you live in the city where your place of work is far from where you're living, and you want to make the distance in time.

Additionally, when you'll want to visit the hospital due to one emergency or the other, you will get acquainted with that apart from being a luxury it is a necessity.

Due to low income, purchasing a car may be difficult, this is the reason to learn effectively, some institutions invented solutions of offering loans to people to purchase a car, then paying back with interests.

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